`Nous n`héritons pas de la terre de nos ancêtres, nous l`empruntons à nos enfants` Antoine de St-Exupéry

Empowering double CPE failure young adults in sustainable agriculture


The overall objective of the project is to empower school inadaptable young adults through skills acquisitions in sustainable agriculture and promote their professional and social integration.


Competency development of young adults inadaptable in formal schooling is a major objective of this project with a view to their economic and social integration through sustainable agriculture.

We want to provide 50 young adults with a work environment conductive to their training in eco-friendly agriculture techniques. MFRN has currently one site at Calebasses where the rehabilitation program will be implemented. Training will emphasise on work skills and work habits in activities such as soil preparation, planting, crop treatment, use and preparation of compost, handling and storing crops, packaging for marketing and other related activities. Crops produced such as aromatic herbs and vegetables will respect the biodiversity of the island and help the struggle against food crisis.  AREU has already proposed a list of local variety of crops and fruit trees.  Furthermore, it is a well known fact that safe agricultural activities are a good occupation for such young adults as these activities are suited to their capacities, help them to improve various skills and is protective to their health.


MFRN caters for young women and men who have shown inadaptability to normal schooling. These people have specific difficulties for learning skills. Without proper training, these difficulties will worsen and the young adults will increase the burden on their family and society at large.

However, with appropriate care and training, these young adults can master professional and social skills which will help them to integrate the society. They can also get and hold a job in normal setting and work along with co-workers and earn a salary.


In the two coming years, MFRN aims to provide training for 50 young school-inadapted women and men in safe agriculture. The expected results are:-


  • Access to quality training in safe agriculture for these young adults.

Employment for trained men and women on competitive labour market in the agricultural sector is being promoted and realised.